Baby Shower Planning Ideas

Need a Baby Shower Planning Idea? We Can Help!

Your best friend or family relative is expecting a baby and the excitement is growing! For those of you who are here to get unique baby shower ideas, you can rest assured that after reading this blog you will have plenty to think about and many ideas to get inspired from. Let’s start!

Sunny Summer Outdoor Theme

During the nice warm summer in the city of Toronto, the main focus for any baby shower is bright, warm and beautiful colors. Taking advantage of the nice summer weather many baby showers are based outdoors. Themes that are perfect for a summer baby shower are colourful backyard BBQ’s, pastel coloured pool parties, all white parties and more.

When it comes to a summer baby shower, the options for themes are truly unlimited so let’s get creative and plan something unique.

Disney Theme

Calling out all Disney lovers! All of us are either Disney fans or Disney lovers, what better way to celebrate a new addition to the family than with a Disney themed baby shower! When creating a baby shower around the Disney theme, ideas are endless. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Mary Poppins to Mickey Mouse and the rest of the Disney gang there are many different aspects that would go into making your baby shower a once upon a dream come true!

From the Disney inspired invitations, wall decorations, special pre -ordered cakes and sweets to table decor and all things Disney that will make your baby shower feel like you are truly in Disneyland.

All Things Elegant 

This idea is ideal for all of you who are lovers of classy, gold, or classic pink and black combination. It is never out of style to have a classic looking baby shower and have everything including decorations be in the colors that are both elegant looking and classy. Some ideas that we have in mind are baby showers in the themes of: Little Prince, Chic Gold, Secret Garden, Kate Spade inspired and more.

If you choose such a theme, you will find that there are many centerpieces and decorations available. There are also many different party giveaways that could be created to be a perfect fit for your elegant baby shower themed party.

Gender Reveal Theme

The new and hot trend of the season, gender reveal baby shower! As most of you may know, many young couples choose not to find out the gender of their baby early on in their pregnancy, so what a better time to find out the gender of your baby than at your baby shower! Many couples either get a cake to reveal the gender of their baby or get a box of balloons in the colours of either pink indicating the baby is a girl or blue indicating the baby is a boy. There are many fun activities that you can have at your gender reveal baby shower.

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