Planning a Wedding in Toronto on a Budget

After years of dating you and your loved one decided to get married. Congratulations! The most exciting moment in your life is one step closer. Living in a city like Toronto where living expenses are barely affordable puts many engaged couples in the position where they assume that having a wedding means putting all their life’s savings into play. In reality you can have your dream wedding at a much more affordable price than you might think.

Here are a few tips on how you can plan a wedding in Toronto while staying on budget.

Less Guests = More Intimacy

When it comes to planning a wedding it should be all about you and your special moment. Having over 200 guests at a fancy hotel in downtown Toronto or having 80 – 100 of your close friends and family at an intimate venue of your choice will truly make the difference. Your wedding should not be about showing off the huge amount of guests you have, it should be about the magical moment and the love that is uniting you and your spouse as one. Less about the quantity and more about the quality.

Affordable is Out There

Whether you’re planning a themed wedding, a fairy tale inspired wedding or just simply a celebration that you will cherish forever, you can have it all for the price you desire. Most engaged couples think that in order to make their dream wedding come to life they must spend excessive amounts of money to make all details such as venue, vendors and decor look glamorous. In reality, couples can still plan their dream weddings which will include their desired decor, entertainment, vendors and much more for the price they can afford.


Having a long engagement period gives many couples a timeline that’s too big for making effective decisions regarding their special day. Wedding trends, designs, decor and many other ideas you have regarding your own wedding will change over time, just like the weather in Toronto. One of the best ways to make sure that you are not tiring yourselves out and spending unnecessary money, is by having a shorter engagement period and planning your wedding less than a year away.

Not New Does Not Mean It’s Too Old

Many brides have this idea that in order for them to look perfect on their special day and for their weddings to be perfect, they must have everything brand new and everything purchased. Instead of spending $8,000 on a wedding dress from Kleinfeld, you can choose the option of purchasing the exact same dress from a non brand bridal boutique for around $1500.

Getting married should be all about you and about your love and desire to spend the rest of your life with your soul mate and not about the materialistic objects on your wedding day.

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