Top Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah Trends of Summer 2017

As the summer is coming to an end, let’s discuss the latest bar / bat mitzvah trends of summer 2017! Let’s take a look back at all the new and hip trends that we have noticed in the past few months. Some of the hot summer trends that we are going to be covering in this issue are: pink wonderland, sports, and carnival.

Pink Wonderland

What girl wouldn’t love a pink wonderland Bat Mitzvah? Pink wonderland themed bat mitzvahs have been at the top of the trend list this past summer. Everything from pink decorations, pink floral centerpieces, pink candy stations, pink flower walls to pink kippahs (yes, even pink kippahs!) Pink really is in this year and it definitely was the color of summer 2017 for Bat Mitzvahs.


As we all know, most, if not all teenage boys absolutely love the theme of sports, and what better way to celebrate your Bar Mitzvah then to have it in the theme of your favourite sport. This past summer we have seen all kinds of sport inspired themed Bar Mitzvahs, one of the popular ones that we have noticed are basketball inspired Bar Mitzvahs.

From the big bright orange balloon centerpieces, to bright orange shiny crystal inspired candle lighting pieces specifically made for the candle lighting ceremony. Not to mention that all the giveaways were also basketball inspired along with the entire atmosphere in the room. So don’t let anyone tell you that doing a sports themed Bar / Bat Mitzvah is too outdated, it will be forever a timeless idea.


Just in time for Toronto’s very own CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) carnival festival, many special and fun Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s were following the very theme of carnivals. From cotton candy, funky table decor, carnival inspired party invitations to carnival themed party activities and atmosphere. A carnival theme like such can work both during the hot Toronto summer time and the chilly Toronto winter time.

From this very brief summary of Bar/ Bat Mitzvah Trends of Summer 2017 you can see that trends and themes will forever be something that many people will look into and will enjoy to have as the center of their event and therefore you might find this list very useful in the future.

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