Top Wedding Favours

The main purpose of wedding favours for your guests, is for them to have something to remember your wedding by. Although lately it has become popular to do a donation in lieu of guest favours, the majority of brides and grooms still choose to provide their guests with a small gift. There are so many options nowadays online as well as at brick and mortar stores, sometimes it`s hard to decide on the perfect guest favour. Some of the things to pay attention to while deciding on wedding favours are price, availability, quality and whether or not it`s useful.

Here’s a list of top wedding favours that are trendy:

1. Honey Jars – Sweet and small, honey jars are becoming more and more popular.

2. Mints – Small packaged mints with a customized label are always a hit.

3. Jam Jars – Homemade jams favours taste great are a fun DIY project.

4. Tea Bags – They are extremely customizable and come in different flavours.

5. Shot Glasses – Customize it any way you want for under $2/glass.

6. Candles – Who doesn’t love candles? They are romantic and smell great.

7. Lip Balm – Order them with a printed label and your guests will love them.

8. Flip Flops – Dancing ladies with the big painful heels will thank you.

9. Soap Bar – Any size and any scent with a customized wedding label.

10. Customized Chocolates – Sweets with a custom label are always a good idea.

11. Photo Booth Photo – Pictures straight from the photo booth make a great memory.

12. Personalized Body Scrubs – The perfect gift for all beauty product lovers out there.

13. Sunglasses – Personalized sunglasses with your wedding date, hashtag or initials.

14. Bookmarks – Design them yourself and your guests will use them forever.

15. Wine Glasses – Personalized stemless wine glasses are trendy and usefull.

16. Small Plant – Plants are eco-friendly and can easily be decorated.

17. Spices – Choose a flavourful, popular spice and your guests will enjoy them.

18. Popcorn – Small and cute popcorn bags are inexpensive and delicious.

19. Coffee Pack – Share your favourite coffee with your wedding guests.

20. Edible treats – From a macaroon to peanuts, guests will love them.

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