Hiring a Day of Wedding Coordinator Benefits

All the long days and sleepless nights surrounding wedding planning are coming to an end. The big day is now just a few months away and you’re worried that something might not go as planned. Here are the top three reasons a future bride and groom might benefit from hiring a day of wedding coordinator.


Your wedding day is a week away, the venue manager is calling you regarding your seating plan, the vendors are asking for the final day of timeline, the florist has questions regarding access to your venue, the baker wants to know how much space there is in the fridge, all of this while you have to work, entertain your out of town guests and make sure you don’t lose your mind. Suddenly you realize that you are in urgent need of help to put all of this together. This is where a day of coordinator comes in handy.

They will take on the organizational process including assisting you with your day of timeline, contacting all of your vendors, taking care of all the setup that needs to be done on the day of and much more. By hiring a day of coordinator, you are not only guaranteed to have everything flow more smoothly on your wedding day but also less stress leading up to it.


A day of coordinators job is to take all of the stress away from the soon to be newlyweds and their families. By being the main contact for all of your vendors, a day of coordinator allows you, your partner and your families to enjoy your big day and not have to worry about anything. Once all of your chosen vendors are contacted by your day of wedding coordinator, they will know that all future communication should be addressed to the coordinator. A part of a coordinator’s duty is to contact all your vendors a week prior to your wedding, go over all the wedding details with them as well as email them a final copy of your day of timeline.


So you purchased all of your wedding items, place cards, seating chart, guest favours, stationary, décor, etc., On the day of your wedding, you are getting ready and the rest of your family is also busy, who will be taking care of all the setup? That’s the day of wedding coordinators job. In most cases the couples meet with their chosen day of coordinator a week before their wedding and hand over all of their wedding items. This gives the couple assurance to know that there is someone else that knows their vision, who is now going to be taking care of all the small details for them.

Hiring a day of coordinator is a small investment that will pay off in a big way. You will be more relaxed and able to enjoy your wedding knowing that you don’t have to worry about anything.

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