DIY Wedding Décor Tips

As we all know wedding expenses can sometimes be overwhelming, so why not apply your DIY skills to wedding decor? Not only will you save money, you will also have fun in the process. Here are some helpful wedding decor DIY tips.


When it comes to making your own wedding decor, before starting, always figure out which wedding items you will be purchasing and which ones you will be making. Are you an artistic person that enjoys arts and crafts? If so, you’re in luck! There will be plenty of items you’ll be able to create on your own. Some of the most common DIY wedding decor items include seating charts, invitations, centrepieces, guest books, guest favours, thank you cards, card boxes, table numbers, etc.


While all of us want to save money on wedding decor, every bride should keep in mind that as much as DIY could be a money saver it should also be fun and stress free. The easiest way to have all your wedding decor DIY items ready on time and for you to enjoy the process, is by making a timeline. Timelines are not only helpful on the day of your wedding, but they also come in handy when you’re making your DIY wedding items. By having a clear timeline you will finish your beautiful items and you will actually enjoy the whole process.


Let’s say you’re working on your place cards and you aren’t loving your creation, leave them be and move on to the next DIY item. You had an idea but it just didn’t turn out the way you imagined it to be, no worries! A new idea will come and you’ll make the place cards then. By being stuck on one particular idea of how you thought something will turn out, you will only stress yourself and waste precious time. So if you don’t love it, just leave it for the time being. A great source for wedding decor ideas are wedding magazines, Etsy, Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram.


Most likely your closest friends, your bridal party and your family can’t wait for your big day so why not have them assist you with your DIY’s? Trying to do everything by yourself is of course a doable task, but why do it alone when you can have fun preparing for your big day with the help of your loved ones? Your backup team will feel honored to help you out.

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