Wedding Planning 101

Your loved one has proposed to you and you said YES! Congratulations! With all the engagement happiness and excitement you are now wondering what you should do next. The first step and one of the most important ones in the planning process will be to hire a wedding planner.

Step 1 – You Have Your Planner, What’s Next?

After hiring an event planner to your dream wedding, you will go ahead and a pick a date for your special day. Your event planner will be there to assist you with not only choosing a date for your wedding but guiding you to finding your venue, vendors, decor and more.

Step 2 – Budget Calculation and Venue Selection

You have your chosen the date and next on your list would be figuring out a budget that that you can afford and that will allow you to have everything you need and want for your wedding. One major tip that any event planner in Toronto can tell you is prioritize! Calculating your budget is a major step that comes with planning a wedding. Couples need to know and compromise what they are spending their money on. The step that follows after budget calculation is the venue selection. After deciding on your budget with your event planner, you can finally share your vision that you see would be most suitable for your wedding, and allowing your event planner to walk you through a few venues.

Step 3 – Style / Theme Selection

You have your date, you have your budget, you have your venue, but what’s a wedding without a theme or style. From outdoor, fairy tale, great Gatsby, simply elegant, beautifully classic, couples have the big variety to choose from. After all, every wedding is as unique as the couple that is in the centre of attention.

Step 4 – Vendors, Caterers, Decor and Invitations

In the very long list of vendors, the most common ones are: entertainment, music, MC, photographers, videographers, caterers, décor and florist. From scheduling meetings with different vendors, including menu and cake tastings, floral presentations, videographer / photographer portfolio presentations, and etc., your event planner is there every step of the way! Now that you have all your vendors and decor selected, let’s not forget about the invitations. Many event planners will provide you with the services of both invitations selection and creation.

Step 5 – Seating Chart Creation, Guest Gifts and Schedule Creation

As part of the many duties that your wedding planner is in charge of, creating a seating chart and creating guest gifts is also in the list. After receiving all the RSVPS from your guests, your event planner will sit down with you and create a perfect seating chart for your event. After finalizing all final meetings and details with all of the vendors, it is time now to create the schedule for the day of your wedding!

All the big and small details are finalized and the big day is finally HERE! All you have to do at this point is to enjoy your wedding and marry your loved one. Let your planner take care of the schedule, the flow your wedding, finalize all of the payments with the vendors and make sure everything runs smoothly.

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