Wedding Seating Chart Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are many different tasks that the bride and groom must complete. One of these challenging tasks is creating the seating chart. The following are wedding seating mistakes for every couple to avoid.


Family usually plays a big role in a wedding as well as the lives of the engaged couple, therefore not sitting your immediate family close to you and each other is a mistake that every bride and groom should avoid. You don’t have to choose to go with a big head table, but sitting your families together, closer to your sweetheart table will make your loved ones feel important.


Have you ever been to a party where there are not enough chairs for all the guests to sit at or you’re left sitting with people you have absolutely nothing in common with? It’s the “let’s not have a seating plan and let all of our guests choose where they want to sit” approach some couples go with for their big day. Not having a seating plan is one of the worst ideas any couple can choose to go with. Not only does that idea turn the whole reception into a big mess, it also puts your guests into a very uncomfortable position.


When making the seating arrangement for your wedding, avoid assigning specific seats for each guest at each table. Some guests will arrive early to choose their own seats at their table in order to sit close to a friend or facing the stage, but most of the time guests will not care where they will be sitting as long as it’s at the table. From our experience, guests don’t enjoy having their seats chosen for them so try to avoid assigning individual seats. Plus, by avoiding to do so you’ll save yourself a very big headache and a lot of time.


Kids / Teens under the age of 18 sitting at a table with adults is usually not a good idea. Not only do they have different topics of interest, sitting kids at a table where alcohol is being served can be a liability issue. Kids enjoy the company of other kids, as well as kids’ activities and kid friendly food.


Have you ever been invited to a wedding where you were seated at a table where you didn’t know anyone? It felt a bit awkward, didn’t it? When you are making the seating arrangement don’t try to come up with new ideas, like sitting your guests with other guests they don’t know so they can make new friends. You already know your circle of friends and who is friends with who, sit them together and let everyone including yourself enjoy your evening to the fullest.


Whether you are having 100 guests at your wedding or 500, it is never easy to please everyone. Creating your seating chart could be a tricky process, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t be stressing over it and worrying about how it will turn out. Your guests will be there for you, to support you and be happy for you on your special day. Don’t lose sleep over your seating chart, it will turn out great!

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